Q1 Is food cooked by a neighborhood Host safe?
Ans Each host should complete an application process at NextDoorMeals. They should also compete an online State-Approved Food Handlers Certificate. Host are using the commercial kitchen and if they don’t have one at home then we connect them with a local commercial kitchen and offer an introductory membership absolutely FREE.<

Q2 How can we make sure that the Host are environment friendly?
Ans NextDoorMeals is very sensitive to our environment and our Hosts share the same philosophy. Most of our Hosts do use organic food produced, natural colors and other species. They also use 100% recyclable containers specifically designed by our packaging department.

Q3 Is it affordable?
Ans Our Host will set the prices on their meals based on ingredient they use and the amount of time it take to prepare. We make sure that the prices are reasonable and affordable.

Q4 Why should we use NextDoorMeal compare to other option?
Ans The main philosophy of the NextDoorMeals is creating a neighborhood economy. We would like to break the monopoly of big conglomerate and would like to bring back the personal touches of 60’s and 70’s. Our platform is a very user friendly for both Host and Guest. It provides a financial opportunity to many of us who have a passion of cooking food, but can’t afford to open up a restaurant. Similarity our Guest can order right from their phone whatever they would like to eat without even thinking about cooking. There are hundreds of food choices everyday, which Guest can choose from.

Q5 How does this help Neignbourhood?
Ans Our neighborhood Host feel proud in cooking food for their neighborhood Guests. The whole concept provides an opportunity to Host to meet the people who live around you and appreciate their unique and authentic creations. Similarity our Guests can quell their hunger with an authentic food right within their neighborhood.

Q6 Who are these Hosts (Chefs)?
Ans They could be any who have a passion for cooking. Money is not a primary motive for them to be a part of NextDoorMeals. They are Home Chefs, Food Entrepreneur, Event Caterers or even your next-door neighbors who would like to socialize with you.